Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It was fun learning the 23 things. There were things I haven't looked at before. It wasn't too hard to learn them and I think I'll explore later on and see what else it entails. I think if there is another program similar to this one I would take it. I haven't had many requests to use these 23 things at the library, but am glad I know about them.

Project Guttenburg

Today I looked at Project Guttenburg. It is a free site that has books to download and read or listen to. I like how you can search for an author and they have an article on that author. Then they have several sites that provide that book. I chose a small poem by William Blake. I was able to download and listen to it being read. I think most of the books don't violate any copyright law so have fun.


Today I explored some of the Podcasts available. Unfortunately I was unable to view or listen to most of them. I did hear a podcast of a children's program that the Denver library created. Podcasts remind me of radio programs that anyone can create. I will try to post a podcast to my bloglines soon.

You Tube

Today I explored the wonderful world of video downloads. People put lots of videos on this site. I looked at Star Wars parodies. I think the library could use this technology to have anybody submit a library program. A person could film their program, upload it to the library webpage, and presto, a library program a person can participate in anytime.

Google Maps

Today I looked at the award winning Google Maps. It won an award for the best mapping software. I typed in Glenwood Library. And it displayed all the Glenwood Libraries in the nation. Then I was able to select the one I wanted and I could look at the map by satellite too. It looked similar to the area, but may be outdated some. But from the map, I could get driving directions and have the directions sent to my phone. It looked a little more sophisticated than Mapquest.


Today I looked at online production tools. These are tools that can be used for producing things like spreadsheets, databases, and word processors. The one I looked at at Zoho had all these things plus they incorporated tools for creating blogs, wikis, and some of the other things I have looked at. They have all the things a person would find in an office program. Perhaps the office program would have more business related software, but this is good for basic work.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Playing in the SandBox

This exercise was challenging. I tried to submit my blog to the favorite blogs, but nothing on that page made much sense. There wasn't a spot for Howard Participants. And I wasn't sure how to add the blog to the Wiki anyway. So I added a comment to the favorite's page. That was easier because I just clicked on the Comments tab and added my comment.